Meet The Team

Brandon Carter

A lover of video games, comic books, and all things geek related.

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Mary Robinson

This yoga and animal lover enjoys reading, liberation theology, traveling and holistic practices.

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What We Do

How We Started

Carter Community Outreach (CCO) was founded by Brandon M. Carter (President) in 2016. CCO was born as a result of Brandon seeking an intersection between his desire to dedicate his life pursuing his passion and finding effective ways of uplifting the community.


An avid volunteer, Brandon’s first program idea came as a result of his business partner, Mary Robinson, stumbling upon an infirmary within the homeless shelter where they both frequently volunteered. Brandon spoke with the head of the infirmary, who shared their most vital needs and supply gaps and created the first community partnership. Brandon took on the task of collecting the needed supplies, using his own money and donations from friends, family and strangers.

This desire to help, combined with the vision to create something bigger than himself, Carter Community Outreach was born.


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Community Outreach

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Waldorf, Md